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14 August, 2023 Node Sass Update For BigCommerce Themes

BigCommerce is sunsetting node-sass on November 1st, 2023. This means your BigCommerce theme might have issues with styling after this date.

13 October, 2020 How To Show New Products First When Searching

This is actually an easy change, no coding required.

It can be done directly from the control panel by going under Store Setup > Store Settings > Search tab and…

22 September, 2020 How To Use The Coupon Buster App To Create and Import Coupons

How to create and import coupons in the Coupon Buster app.

20 September, 2020 How To Remove The Optional Word From Product Options

Cornerstone version 4.8 introduced the optional word for product options on the product page.

12 September, 2020 How To Hide a Menu Link Depending on a Customer Group

Find out how to hide a link in the top menu of a Cornerstone theme based on the customer group.

11 September, 2020 How To Access Custom Fields on the Product Page in Stencil

Find out how to efficiently display a custom field on the product page.