Updated - July 2023

BigCommerce Coupon Buster

Use Coupon Buster To Create And Import Thousands of Coupons. Works with both legacy coupon codes and promotions!


No monthly fees, create up to 2 million coupon codes per store.


Use the app to update, create and delete coupons codes.


Coupon Buster has been used to import millions of coupon codes.

Blazing fast

You can use it to import thousands of coupons in minutes.

Stop Losing Time..Create Coupon Codes On A Massive Scale With Coupon Buster

Now it's easy to create, import and update coupon codes in your BigCommerce store.

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Helpful answers

If you have a development/sandbox store and want to install the app there first or if you just want priority support then we recommend purchasing the extended license.

After purchase you will be contacted by us in order to create the necessary API acounts to install the app. Most installations are completed in about 24 hours after purchase.

Yes, the BigCommerce Coupon Buster is able to create coupon codes for promotions.

Just click on the "Generate" tab and fill out the form in order to create the coupon codes. For earlier versions (0.3.0 and earlier) we provide an Excel file with a formula that will automatically generate the coupon codes for you (just click and drag!)..

The BigCommerce API does not have that option. However, a workaround is to only allow the coupon code to apply to the products/categories that you want.

Yes, Coupon Buster has been updated to work with the new OAuth API from BigCommerce.

Key features
Coupon Buster has 100% feature parity with the BigCommerce API for coupon codes.
Create, import, update and delete coupon codes
Limit coupons by categories or products
Search by coupon code
Supports all discount types
Mass update existing coupon codes
Limit by shipping method
Restrict coupon by country/state/zip
Delete all coupon codes
Works in browser

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

No monthly fees. Create 2 million coupon codes.

Standard License
  • Use on 1 store
  • Installed by one of our developers
  • 3 months technical support and free upgrades
Extended License
  • Use on 2 stores (live and sandbox)
  • Installed by one of our developers
  • 6 months technical support
  • 12 months free upgrades
  • Priority support