Node Sass Update For BigCommerce Themes

Emilian F. Published on 14 August, 2023

You might have received an email about BigCommerce sunsetting node-sass on November 1st, 2023. This means your BigCommerce theme might have issues with styling after this date.

What Do I Need To Do?

The technical answer is that you will need to upgrade the theme to work with Node 18.X and to change the SCSS code in the assets/scss/ directory of your Stencil theme. This means upgrading the Stencil CLI to version 7.X, running the scss-autofix command to fix any SCSS issues, and most likely updating the Webpack files (webpack.common.js, webpack.prod.js and webpack.dev.js)

In simpler terms, the basic building blocks of your Stencil theme need to be upgraded.

Here are the most common scenarios:

  1. If your theme is unmodified, then you can upgrade to the latest version provided by the theme creator. For example, Lonestar Templates have released new versions for their themes containing the appropriate fixes for node-sass. Before upgrading, make sure you get in touch with the theme creator to make sure the latest version is compatible with the new node-sass version.

  2. If your theme is modified, then you will need to perform the upgrade manually. My team can help you upgrade the node-sass version while keeping your existing modifications.

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  3. If your theme is highly customized, or has not been upgraded in a long time, then you will need a custom quote. We can look at the theme files, the Javascript libraries used and come up with a plan to get the theme compatible with the latest version of node-sass. In some cases, this will require changes to your Javascript libraries, or the theme files.

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Emilian F. Published on 14 August, 2023