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25 June, 2018 How To Export Inventory To FTP or XML Feeds

Find out what you need in order to export your products to other marketplaces.

19 March, 2018 How To Create Stencil OAuth API Credentials

In order to use Stencil from the command line you will need to create OAuth API credentials.

20 October, 2016 How To Easily Add Tooltips To Product Options

Get a script that will add helper text for each option on the product page.

04 September, 2015 How To Customize The Required Checkout Form Fields

Have you ever wonder how to modify the built-in form fields from required to optional?

You probably already tried to edit them inside the admin panel, and un-tick the “Yes…

17 June, 2015 How To Limit the Quantity Dropdown Based On The Inventory Level

Do you track inventory for your products? If you do, then you probably ran into the issue of being able to select a higher quantity of products in your store than you have in stock. For example, if you have two shirts in stock, then it is possible for a customer to select 10 from the quantity dropdown as shown in the following screen shot:

27 May, 2015 How To Set A Default Payment Method On The Checkout Page

This modification allows you to preselect a payment method and nudge your customers toward your favorite payment provider.