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Custom Cable Builder App for a BigCommerce Store

Time to read: 10 min

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, Signal Boosters, a BigCommerce store specializing in cell phone signal boosters recognized the need to enhance customer experience and streamline their product customization process. This led to the development of a Custom Cable Builder App, a sophisticated solution designed to simplify the customization of cables for customers. Utilizing React for a seamless user interface, the app was stored on Amazon S3 for robust and scalable cloud storage. The key functionality of this app was its integration with multiple products and SKUs on the BigCommerce platform, and its ability to dynamically generate prices based on complex modifier rules set within BigCommerce.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to create an intuitive and user-friendly custom cable builder that could handle a vast array of product variations and customizations. The store offered a wide range of cables, each with numerous attributes like length, material, connectors, and color. Managing these variations while ensuring accurate pricing and inventory tracking was complex. Additionally, the app needed to seamlessly integrate with the BigCommerce store's existing infrastructure without disrupting the current user experience or backend processes.

Our Approach

Our solution was to design the app using React, known for its efficiency and flexibility in building interactive user interfaces. This choice ensured a responsive and engaging experience for customers customizing their cables.

Integration with BigCommerce: We utilized BigCommerce’s APIs for seamless integration. This allowed the app to fetch real-time data about products, SKUs, and pricing rules.

Dynamic Pricing: The app was designed to calculate prices in real-time based on the modifier rules set in BigCommerce. This feature accommodated the complex pricing structures needed for custom cables.

Amazon S3 Storage: By leveraging Amazon S3, we ensured high availability and security for the app’s data, also enabling scalability to handle increased traffic and data load.

Multiple SKU Management: The app was equipped to handle multiple SKUs, ensuring that inventory levels were accurately reflected and managed across the store.


Enhanced Customer Experience: The app's intuitive design led to an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction. Customers were able to easily customize cables to their specific requirements.

Increased Efficiency: The dynamic pricing and inventory management significantly reduced manual workload, eliminating errors in pricing and stock levels.

Scalability: The use of Amazon S3 ensured that the app could scale in line with the store's growth, without any compromise in performance.

In conclusion, the Custom Cable Builder App not only addressed the initial challenges but also added significant value to the BigCommerce store, enhancing both the customer experience and operational efficiency.

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