Bulk Publish Labels Using Our Product Labels App

Emilian F. Published on 03 January, 2017

Our product labels app has been very well received by hundreds of BigCommerce clients. However, it had one design flaw: it could only publish one list of labels at a time. We thought store owners would create a single list for each promotional period: a list for Thanksgiving, a list for 4th of July and so on.

That turned out to be a mistake.

Most store owners used a separate list for sales labels, a different list for featured labels, and another list for free shipping labels.

Given the new way the app was being used, we updated the code so you can publish multiple lists at the same time. This will make it much easier to manage all your promotions. You can then pick and choose which lists you want to publish, rather than being limited to one list.

Here's how the bulk publish feature works:

  • Go to "View Lists"
  • Select which lists you want to publish by clicking the checkbox
  • Click "Bulk Publish"

That is it. You're done.

It is much easier now to start promotions, and it should also reduce the number of labels in each list.

We also added the SKU to each label which will make it easier to find products in a list.

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Emilian F. Published on 03 January, 2017