Nr. 1 BigCommerce Partner And Forum Legend

Emilian F. Published on 10 January, 2017

Today Spring Merchant reached Legend status on the BigCommerce forums by gaining over the 20,000 points in less than 12 months. We also hold the nr. 1 position but this is better, I mean who doesn't want legend status?

Naturally, we had to boast a little bit, and took to Twitter to announce our accomplishment:

BigCommerce was also gracious in announcing that we achieved the highest level in their community:

We've been involved with BigCommerce since launch day which gives us an advantage since we know the system so well. This deep knowledge is what we share with all people in the community on a daily basis, and it is good to be recognized for that.

Just because we reached the top doesn't mean the work stops here. We provide a top-notch retainer service where we take care of design & development so you can focus on growing your business.

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Emilian F. Published on 10 January, 2017