How To Modify The Automatically Generated Sitemap File

Emilian F. Published on 27 August, 2014

Your sitemap displays all of the web pages, categories, and brands from your store in one central location. It is great for crawlers such as Googlebot, and also for your customers as they can more easily navigate from place to place. As a store owner, the drawback is that there is no way to exclude a page from being displayed in the sitemap without deleting it from the control panel. The script below gives you a starting point in customizing the sitemap contents.


  1. Login to your control panel and navigate to Design -> Theme Files/Edit HTML & CSS and open the sitemap.html file.

  2. Add the following code to the file, right after the %%Panel.Footer%% text:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    // Hide the brands
    // Hide the web pages
  3. Save your changes to the file.

How It Works

The code hides the brands and the web pages from the sitemap. If you want to hide the categories you would change the selector from SitemapBrands to SitemapCategories in the code above. To hide a specific link you can use the following selector: SitemapPages ul li:contains('keyword') where keyword is the text that identifies the element that you want to hide. For example, if you want to hide a category named "Rings" you would use the following selector: SitemapPages ul li:contains('Rings'). The contains selector is case sensitive so rings would not have matched the category name.


If the sitemap does not change at all ... then resolve any Javascript errors present on the page.

If you want to modify the selectors to hide different pages.. then contact us. We can make the necessary adjustments to the script to hide the required elements.

Emilian F. Published on 27 August, 2014