How To Change The Home Navigation Link

Emilian F. Published on 17 September, 2014

Have you wondered how to change the "Home" link in the top menu of your store?

It is not that easy. There is no option in the control panel to change it, and the link is automatically set to the store's home page. This can be confusing if your store is separate from the main website using a subdomain like store.yourdomain.com. Customers expect to be taken to the main website when clicking the "home" link rather than the store's index page. So let's find out how to change the home link to your desired location.

I will assume that the store is located at store.springmerchant.com and you want to change the location to the main website at www.springmerchant.com.


  1. Login to your control panel and navigate to Design > Themes > Edit HTML & CSS and open the Panels/PagesMenu.html file.

  2. Look for the following line of code:

    <li class="First %%GLOBAL_ActivePageHomeClass%%"> <a href="%%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%%/">
    <span>%%LNG_MainPage%% </span></a> </li>
  3. Replace %%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%%/ with your link, in this case http://www.springmerchant.com. The final file should look like this:

  4. Save your changes.

How It Works

Since there is no control panel setting to change the home link in the menu, you had to modify the PagesMenu panel file. The variable %%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%% contains the path to the store's main page which you replaced with your own link, in this case www.springmerchant.com. You have to include the http:// prefix to let the browser know that you are linking to a different domain.

To change the "Home" text to something else such as "Main Page", you have to replace the %%LNG_MainPage%% variable.


If you receive a "404 Not Found" error message after clicking the home link... then you most likely used a relative URL for the link. Make sure that you use the entire URL with the http or https prefix in the link and it should work.

I hope this modification will help you set up the store just the way you want it!

Emilian F. Published on 17 September, 2014