Faceted product navigation on the fly. Create your own facets based on product properties (colors, length, material etc.) and allow your customers an easy way to find and purchase products from your store.

Easy filtering of your products

You can start filtering by price, brands and categories. For more flexibility our solution can use custom fields to create other filter options such as colors, sizes and much more.

Works on any page

You can create filters for any page on your site. No longer are you limited to using filters on the category or the search page. You can create dynamic landing pages using default filters to boost your conversion rates. For example, it is possible to create a page that only features on sale products from a certain manufacturer.

Simple installation

Our expert BigCommerce development team with over 5 years of experience will handle the complete installation so you don't have to mess with template files. The app works on both Blueprint and Stencil themes.

  • Custom facets
  • Custom page rules
  • Mobile ready
  • Widgets for displaying reviews and color/material swatches
Price: $99.00 / month
Single site, monthly license.