Ecommerce Terms

Managing your online store can be much easier if you know a few terms that are being used by the industry. We have compiled a list of the most used and useful terms in ecommerce. Each word has an easy to understand definition, written specifically to help you.

Explore the list and discover how you can improve your online experience as a seller.

Above the fold (website)
Affiliate Links
Bounce Rate
Call to Action
Canonical URL
Checkout Funnel
Click Stream
Conversion Pixel
CPA - Cost Per Action
CSV (Comma Separated Values) file
Digital Certificate
Domain Name System
JSON (Javascript Object Notation)
Long-Tail Traffic
Packing Slip
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
SEM – (Search Engine Marketing)
SERP – (Search Engine Results Page)
Shopping Cart Abandonment
Splash Page