Do you ship internationally? Then let your foreign buyers know using our app.

Our application features:

  • a customizable message to let your foreign buyers know that you ship to their country
  • automatic location detection using a visitor's IP address
  • country flags to instantly grab a foreign buyer's attention
  • smart detection that displays the notification to new visitors and allows them to close the message

The above features provide a huge beneft to your store: increasing your profits by instantly reassuring foreign buyers that you ship to their country without forcing them send you an email, or read through your FAQ page, or even worse... fumbling with the shipping estimator in the cart. This will translate into less support queries allowing you to concentrate resources on other areas of your business.

Here are three more reasons for why you should use the Smart International Shipping app:

  • it is easy to install, no complicated code to mess with
  • pay once, use for however long you want to
  • easy to configure and use, we give you a tool to customize the app without messing with the code

You're already shipping to foreign countries, so why not advertise it with an eye-grabbing notification in your store?

Buy this app right now and use it to increase your sales internationally.

Price: $85.00
Use on single site, pay once.

App + Installation

You get the app and one of our experts will install it for you.

App + Installation + Customization

We will install the app, and customize it for your particular store. You will have an hour of design time with one of our designers to get the shipping notice looking just right!